“Hi! Hi! Hike! Mush Hide-rack, Mush!” I Shouted.
FES Title: Caption for both – ‘Hi! Hi! Hike! Mush, Hide-Rack, mush!’ I shouted.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 1932
Size: 26″H x 40″W
Medium: oil-cotton-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Balch, Glenn. “Hide-rack Picks an Owner.” The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, October 1932: 14.
caption: The strange team had challenged us, cocksure they could beat us. “Hi! Hi! Hike! Mush, Hide-rack, mush!” I shouted to the big collie – and Hide-rack responded with his last notch of speed.
Annotations: en verso on label: Double Spread for 1918 and 1919 Hide rack picks an owner caption for both: “Hi! Hi! Hike! Mush. Hide Rack. Mush.” I shouted
Comments: TP 8/7/02; form 8/7/02; index; edit
The work has been restretched and relined.
Commentary: This illustration is the left side of a double spread and the inscription is on the other side: #1919.
Provenance: Carspecken-Scott Gallery, Wilmington, Delaware; Collection of Michael D. Carr, Esquire