Craig Looked Up to See the Bearded Artist Standing in the Doorway
FES Title: pg 8 mss “I’m afraid we’re too late,” said a quiet voice- Craig looked up – to see the bearded artist standing in the doorway. Craig, the pistol still in his hand, watched the young man cross the room toward him.
Alternate Titles:
Date: 05/1933
Size: 36″H x 34″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Erskine, Laurie York. “Cousin Gregory.” The American Boy–Youth’s companion, July 1933: 11.
caption: A new voice spoke, in a growl- and Craig turned from the body to stare past the bearded artist at two men who were covering them both from the doorway
[none visible as published]
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Commentary: This is the right side of double spread painted on two canvases. See #1955 for the left side.
Provenance: Not known