The Hardest Part of Your Job
FES Title: Heading – Oil . Red and Black. The hardest part of your job old fellow, Bruce told him, will be to find the wild cats.
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Date: 04/1934
Size: 32″H x 37″W
Medium: oil-on-English-LinSP-can
Type: illustration
Published: East, Ben. “Coward’s Blood.” The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, July 1934: 15.
caption: “The hardest part of your job, old fellow,” Bruce told him, “will be to find the wild cats.”
Inscription: ll: FES / 34
Annotations: en verso on label: April 1934 Coward’s Blood
Comments: conserved NeVille
[2000]; form 4-07; sent 4×5 transparency; index; edit
Provenance: Not known; shop in Michigan; Collection of Harvey and Melicent Versteeg