This Battle Was to the Death for Something Even Greater Than Food
FES Title: Stab-tail had slain another of the geese Shane guarded, and flight was the last thing the dog desired of him – This battle was to the death for something even greater than food –
Alternate Titles:
Date: 04/1934
Size: 32″H x 30″W
Medium: charcoal-Strathmore-illustr
Type: illustration
Published: East, Ben. “Coward’s Blood.” The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, July 1934: 17.
caption: Shane wasted no time in barking. This battle was to the death.
Inscription: ll: F.E.S. / ’34
Annotations: en verso on typed label: Coward’s Blood 1936
Comments: slide; index; edit
Commentary: The owner writes the following account: “My father was the manager of the Warner Brothers movie theatres in Wilmington, Delaware. He knew N.C. Wyeth and Frank Schoonover very well. Apparently, Mr. Schoonover had asked my father to let him have some of the movie stills. According to my father, Mr. Schoonover appreciated the detail Hollywood lavished on costuming and wanted the stills for the pictures of buckles and other parts of clothing. It was not unusual for my father to take a clutch of these stills over to the Schoonover Studio. Sometimes I went along.
I remember visiting the Schoonover Studio…On one of these visits…I wandered over to a trash barrel and pulled out
[this] charcoal. I must have liked the dog. Apparently, Mr. Schoonover must have been charmed in spite of my mother’s embarrassment. He gave me the charcoal.”
Provenance: Given by the artist to private collection