Nichols Turned Impatiently to Renfrew. “Get In Off the Ice!” He Cried. “The Lunatic’s Firing!”
FES Title: Heading – Red and Black Pg. 12 mss. Nichols turned impatiently To Renfrew “Get in off the ice!” he cried” he cried.
[sic] “The lunatic’s firing.”
Alternate Titles:
Date: 10/1934
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Erskine, Laurie York. “Hunter and Hunted.” The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, February 1935: 15.
caption: Nichols turned impatiently to Renfrew ‘Get in off the ice!’ he cried. ‘The lunatic’s firing.’
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Provenance: Not known