The Wines of Burgundy
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[pages missing from day books; from correspondance]: People seated at table
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Date: 11/16/1934
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: penandinkPap-BR
Type: illustration
Published: Fortune, January 1935: 141.
caption: Down through all the ages since Roman days, the grapes that grow along that little 30-mile ridge so aptly called the “Hill of Gold” have captured the imaginations and the hearts of men…Prized by the Caesars, beloved by Charlemagne, treasured by ten thousand great Captains, and bold spirits through the years…the wines of Burgundy!

Vanity Fair, January 1935: 63.
caption: [identical to caption above for Fortune magazine]

Inscription: lr: F. E. Schoonover / ’34
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: This is one of three Schoonover illustrations that were used as advertisements for Chauvenet Burgundy wine. A letter written on November 1, 1934 from Alice Jones at Riegel & Leffingwell, Inc., the advertising agency, says: “Recently we saw and admired your illustrations for “Roland, the Warrior”. Would you be available immediately to illustrate in this same general manner a Christmas advertisement to appear in Time Magazine for Chauvenet Burgundies.” The other two advertisements are #2069, and #2070.
Number 2065 is the first number from a section of pages, covering #2065 to #2111, that are missing from Schoonover’s day books. Some of the works have been positively identified through notes found elsewhere in the day books, correspondence, or discovery of the original painting.
Provenance: Not known