Beaver Woman Sharply Turned
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Date: 06/1935
Size: 22.75″H x 27.75″W
Medium: charcoal-Strathmore-illustrd
Type: illustration
Published: Schultz, James Willard. “Beaver Woman’s Vision.”
The American Boy–Youth’s Companion, September 1935: 19.
caption: Beaver Woman sharply turned to Mad Plume ‘Seize him! You and Red Fox make him tell where it is!’
Inscription: [none visible as published]
Comments: TP 5/15/03 [no image made – polaroid from owner]; form 5/15/03; index
Commentary: This painting is on the back of the sketch for Flagler’s Drugstore, #2343.
Provenance: Artist to Katherine Dietz, Wilmington, Delaware; descended in family to Collection of Penny Dietz Sullivan