Landscape at Sandy Beach
FES Title: Landscape at Sandy Beach
Alternate Titles: Poetry of River and Mountain (1937)
Date: 09/25/1937
Size: 24″H x 32″W
Medium: oil on canvas
Subject: lake with trees and canoe on shore
Type: landscape
Inscription: ll: Frank E. Schoonover / 9-’37
Annotations: en verso: #2185 B-Sep. 24-5 1937
en verso on stretcher: 1551
en verso on label on stretcher: Portage of river and mountain

Exhibitions: 1937 WSFA Fall
Comments: TP 3/31/06; form 3/06; index
en verso on frame: 28×32 $250 / Frank Coll;
Commentary: The number on the stretcher indicates that this landscape is painted over #1551. However, the medium used for #1551 makes this doubtful.
Provenance: Sold by the artist to private collection; descended in the family to private collection