Saint Luke and Saint John of The Four Evangelists
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Date: 04/18/1943
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: leaded-glass
Type: window
Published: Spraker, Eileen C. “Schoonover’s Art.” Wilmington (DE) Evening Journal. 18 August 1972: 31.
caption: The quaint St. Stephen’s Church in Culpepper, Va.., is part of the lowwer panel of a series of four windows as a memorial to immanuel Church’s first rector, the Rev., Dr. Kensey Johns Hammond, who served from 1888 to 1913. The four windows are of the four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Dr. Hammond began his work in Trinity Church Moundsville, W. Va., then came to Immanuel and spent the latter years at Culpepper. The three churches are pictured in the lower segments of the windows called predellas.

Loux, Nancy M. The Stained Glass Windows of Immanuel Church, Highlands. Wilmington, DE: Immanuel Episcopal Church, Highlands, 1996: #13.

[not pictured]
Inscription: ll of ul panel: DESIGNED BY FRANK SCHOONOVER
Comments: TP 4/11/07; index
Commentary: See numbers 2313, 2314, and 2315 for the cartoons, and #2310w for commentary.
Provenance: Immanuel Church, Highlands, wilmington, Delaware (April 18, 1943)