Flagler’s Drug Store
FES Title: Sketch for ‘Doc’ Drug Store 1880 / Flagler Stroudsburg
Alternate Titles: The Pharmacy; The Drugstore Scene 1980
Date: 06/1944
Size: 21.5″H x 26.5″W
Medium: oil-pastel-on-Strathmore-bo
Type: subject painting
Published: “An American Tradition.” Ketterlinus: poster.
caption: From early days the druggist, affectionately known as “Doc,” has combined human knowledge with professional skill to make his store a neighborhood centre
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / B-1944
Exhibitions: 1977 FES; 1980 Lancaster
Comments: Trany Project 5/15/03; Form 5/15/03; index
[#2092 Beaver Woman’s Vision]
Commentary: This work was a sketch for a painting commissioned by Ketterlinus for CIBA, a pharmaceutical company. It was intended to be a poster for a display to be set up in drugstores across the country. The correspondence with Ketterlinus, the publisher, indicates that Schoonover asked for the original to be returned, as he had promised to give it to Mr. Flagler, the owner of the store in Bushkill, where he had painted the picture. When Schoonover was told that the original had been given to CIBA, he completed this sketch as a finished work. The end result is strikingly similar to the original, #2345. (archives) There is no evidence, though, that Schoonover finally gave the sketch to Mr. Flagler.
This painting is unusual in that it is painted on the back of an original illustration, #2092. In most cases, when re-using a canvas, the artist painted over the image already on the canvas.
Provenance: Given by artist to Collection of Penny Dietz Sullivan