Canal 1850 – Rinek Cordage Company
FES Title: Rinek Cordage Co. Canal 1850.
Alternate Titles: Pennsylvania Pastorele
Date: 12/1944
Size: 36″H x 50″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: subject painting
Published: Reliable Rope Since 1840.” Easton, PA:Rinek Cordage Company,
[1945]: 19. 19.
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / 1945
Comments: DAM scan 9/07
Commentary: Schoonover was commissioned by C. Norvin Rinek of Rinek Rope and Cordage Company, Easton, Pennsylvania, to produce a painting of Rinek ropes pulling a barge along a canal as it would have looked in 1850. Mr. Rinek sent his hand drawn version of what he needed and Schoonover completed a sketch which was approved. The image of the final oil painting was used in the Rinek Rope and Cordage Company advertising booklet. After its use in the publication, the painting was owned by Mr. Rinek and hung in the Company reception room. The painting disappeared after Rinek’s death.
Provenance: Commissioned by Mr. Rinek, Easton, Pennsylvania [1944]; not known
Current Owner: