Portrait of Governor Richard C. McMullen
FES Title: Portrait of Gov. McMullen
Alternate Titles: A Portrait of Richard C. McMullin
Date: 01/1952
Size: 21″H x 26″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: portrait
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / 1952
Annotations: en verso: A portrait of Richard C. McMullen / Born Jan. 1868 Died 1944 / Governor of the State of Delaware, 1936-1940 / Painted by Frank E. Schoonover 1952 / No. 2460
Exhibitions: 1952 Hotel duPont Spring
Comments: index; backed with masonite; index; edit
Commentary: Eight years after the death of her husband, Governor Richard C. McMullen, Mrs. McMullen commissioned Schoonover to paint this portrait. She was familiar with his commissioned work as the McMullens had had the artist paint a large landscape of their Delaware farms (# 2165).
In the day book entry, Schoonover drew a diagram of the portrait as well as writing the following:
“This portrait of Gov. McMullen was painted at various times during the months of Jan., Feb., March. Previous to final work in oil, a careful and finished drawing in charcoal (no color) and referred to constantly during the oil painting. Portrait finally accepted on March 27, 1952. Mrs. McMullen, son and daughter in studio. April 13-18 = Exhibition in du Pont [Hotel] lobby.
This portrait will be presented to Delaware College by Mrs. Richard C. McMullen and will be placed in a space provided for it in the Richard C. McMullin building at Stokely, Delaware.” (day books)

Provenance: Comissioned by Mrs. Richard C. McMullen [1952]; gifted to private collection
Current Owner: