War Memorial
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Date: 1955
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: leaded-glass
Type: window
Published: Loux, Nancy M. The Stained Glass Windows of Immanuel Church, Highlands. Wilmington, DE: Immanuel Episcopal Church, Highlands, 1996: #16.
[not pictured]
Inscription: right predella ur: FRANK – E – SCHOONOVER
Comments: TP 4-11-07; index; edit
Commentary: This window was dedicated to all who fought in World War II and was paid by the Woman’s Auxiliary. It was the first of Schoonover’s stained glass window designs to be completed by the Willet Studio and dedicated on April 17, 1955. On the window are listed the names of people from Immanuel Church, Highlands who died in the war: J. Francis Fleetwood, John Hanes Horlick, John Welford Jr, and R. Peter Richards. (Loux, 16) See # 2466 for the cartoon created by Schoonover.
Provenance: Immanuel Church, Highlands, Wilmington, Delaware [1955]