Holly Island on the Brandywine
FES Title: Holly Island on the Brandywine / A Commission from Edwin B. Morrow
Alternate Titles:
Date: 05/14/1956
Size: 36″H x 54″W
Medium: oil-Belgian-Linen
Type: landscape
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / 1956
Annotations: en verso on left side: Painted by / Frank E. Schoonover / signed / May 14, 1956
en verso on right side: 2482 / Jan-May 1956 / The / Brandywine / Holly Island Hagley Dam / From L. to Right / Mid-Summer – Oct.
Comments: form 4-07; index; edit
sketches for #2482 can be found at #2482sa and #2482sb.
Commentary: In January 1956, Schoonover wrote: “A Commission from Edwin B, Morrow…call from Oct
[1955] about painting – To his home – Looking over Brandywine landscape. Met Irenee duPont at Smith’s Bridge – Ed Morrow [and] FE (All three shown in landscape) Decided to use Preston landscape of Holly Island and Hagley Falls near duPont Foundation Museum (old Key Mill) as central motif. Decided on general composition.”

Schoonover worked on it during January and February, developing a composition in charcoal, and decided to “include the mallard ducks”. He continued his efforts into March, and on the 27th, the final oil sketch(#2482sb) was approved by both Mr. and Mrs. Morrow. In April and May he was “working various days – Ed Morrow with friend and his brother in many times.” The artist completed the final work and delivered it on May 15th. (day books)

Smith’s Bridge can be seen in the distance in the middle left of the painting. In addition, Mr. Morrow made a special request that Granogue, the home of Irenee duPont, be painted on the hill in the upper left, in spite of the fact that it is not located there. The artist accommodated him and took further artistic license by including himself as the artist painting the picture (near the base of the large tree on the left side of the painting). (archives)
Schoonover mounted the canvas on masonite on which he wrote the annotations seen above.

Provenance: Commisioned by Edward B. Morrow, Wilmington, Delaware [1956]; private collection
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