Poleon Kills Wa-Gush in Canoe
FES Title: Poleon Kills WaGush in Canoe – moon light.
Alternate Titles: The Silent Lake
Date: 04/17/1906
Size: 30″H x 48″W
Medium: oilColumbiacanvas
Type: illustration
Published: Mott, Lawrence. “Wa-Gush.” Outing Magazine, August 1906: facing 556.
caption: “Bon Dieu, Ah have keel lak’ Ah say now Ah keel h’again.”

Mott, Lawrence. The White Darkness. New York: The Outing Publishing Company, 1907: facing 224.
caption: “Adieu, Wa-gush, Ah Alway loove you,” he gasped

Inscription: lr: Schoonover
Exhibitions: 1912 WSFA
Comments: altered; index; edit; the caption is right – A.
Commentary: The original image above was published in Outing Magazine. The altered image is #271alt and appeared in three later publications and as a print. The sketch for the original image is #271s.
Provenance: See #271alt