A Fishing Schooner
FES Title: A Fishing Schooner
Alternate Titles: Sail Boat
Date: 08/16/1911
Size: 9″H x 13″W
Medium: watercolor-on-ill-brd
Type: illustration
Published: Schoonover, Frank E. “In the Haunts of Jean Lafitte.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1911: 89.
caption: Bringing in the catch

University of Delaware and John M. Clayton. A Catalog of the Permanent Collection, University of Delaware. Newark: The University of Delaware, 1985: 81. [not pictured]

Inscription: lr: To Ellen Coleman duPont / April-29.-1916 / S / F E Schoonover
Exhibitions: 2007 UD
Comments: TP 2/01; form 2/9/04; index; edit
Commentary: See #441 for commentary.
See related hand-tinted photograph of a fishing boat taken by Schoonover while on his trip to Louisiana. (#447p)
Provenance: Given by artist to Ellen Coleman duPont (April 29 1916); Permanent Collection of the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware. Estate of Ellen Coleman duPont Wheelwright [1971]