Prosper Pellant
FES Title: “Prosper Pellant”
Alternate Titles: Prosper Pellant
Date: 08/23/1911
Size: 17″H x 11″W
Medium: water-charc-ill-brd
Type: illustration
Published: Schoonover, Frank E. “In the Haunts of Jean Lafitte.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, December 1911: 90.
caption: Prosper Pellant
Inscription: lr: “Prosper Pellant, Barrataria, LA, Haunts of Jean Lafitte, Frank E. Schoonover” / F E S / ’11
Exhibitions: 1962 FES
Comments: index; edit; form 4-07
Commentary: Harry Lloyd was the model. See #441 for further commentary.
Provenance: Schoonover Studios, Ltd., Wilmington, Delaware (August 2000); private collection