A Puritan Christmas
FES Title:
[no title entered in day books]
Alternate Titles: Puritans Christmas Eve [1912]
Date: 09/13/1911
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: [oil on canvas]
Type: illustration
Published: Dowe, Amy Haslem. “Christmas Song of the Puritans.” The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, December 1911: frontispiece.
caption: A Puritan Christmas

“A Representative Century Magazine Color Print.” The Graphic Arts, January 1912: facing 17.
caption: A Representative Century Magazine Color Print. The rich color quality of the holiday number of The Century Magazine is well indicated by this illustration entitled “A Puritan Christmas,” painted for The Century by F. E. Schoonover. Exhibited courtesy of The Century Co., New York

Inscription: lm: F. E. Schoonover / ’11
Exhibitions: 1912 Boston; 1912 Carnegie
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: In a letter to Alex H. Lappe, Esq., Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Schoonover writes: “I had a hard matter getting the little boy to look as if he were really asleep, finally I had a youngster from a telegraph company to come and pose: the studio was warm and the bench comfortable as benches go: the little fellow was tired and he went to sleep: and you have the rest of the painting.” (archives, correspondence)
Provenance: Sold by artist to Pittsburgh Athletic Association, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (December 19, 1912); not known