Money? He Had It In Every Place
FES Title: Money? He had it in everyplace etc
Alternate Titles:
Date: 02/15/1912
Size: 35″H x 30″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Lighton, William R. “Billy Fortune and That Yellow Streak.” The Saturday Evening Post, 28 September 1912: 29.
caption: There Must Have Been Half a Peck of it Piled up on the Table
Inscription: ll: Frank E. Schoonover
Annotations: en verso on label taped to canvas: Billy Fortune / Yellow Streak / Schoonover / Post No P33569

en verso on label taped to canvas: This drawing must not be reproduced for any purposes. It is copyrighted by the Curtis Pub. Co. / Sat Eve Post / Philadelphia

Comments: TP 8/28/01; form; index; edit
Commentary: This painting was bought at a yard sale in Union County, New Jersey in the late 1960’s. The owners kept it in the basement for 22 years. The daughter of the owners rescued it and sold it in 2001 after which it was conserved and bought by a collector in 2004.
Provenance: Ruth Ditsel; inherited by Debbie Senkowsky, Forksville, Pennsylvania
[2000]; Schoonover Studios, Ltd, Wilmington, Delaware; private collection [2004]
Current Owner: