Day After Day They Knew No Respite
FES Title: “Day after day they knew no respite from the toil of trace and trail” 1st drawing
Alternate Titles: Breaking Trail
Date: 05/14/1913
Size: 24″H x 40″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Marsh, George T. “With the Winter Mail.” Scribner’s Magazine, January 1914: 124.
caption: Day after day they knew no respite

Seton, Ernest Thomson. “Is Our Fur Supply in Danger?” World’s Work, March 1924: 494.
caption: Trapping demands many things of one, but most of all, the power to walk, like that notable cat, by one’s wild lone. Solitude and the avoidance of gregarious comrades are the first requirements for a successful year.

Inscription: ll: F E Schoonover / ’13
Exhibitions: 1931 FES
Comments: non-trany 4×5; index; DAM scan 2/9/06; index; edi
digital 1-25-07; restretched; relined
Commentary: This monochromatic image is the left side of a double spread with #569. The publisher of World’s Work added color to their printed version of the illustration. For further commentary, see #231.
Provenance: Private collection