The White Flag
FES Title: The White Flag
Alternate Titles: Under the White Flag (1919, 1934, 2002); Under the White Flag at La Capelle – Nov 7. 1918
Date: 12/11/1918
Size: 30″H x 50″W
Medium: oil_single-prime-canvas
Type: subject painting
Published: “Souvenir Pictures of the Great War.” The Ladies Home Journal, March 1919: 13.
caption: Under the White Flag

Ianni, Francis A. World War One Remembered. Wilmington: Delaware Heritage Commission, 1993: 70.
caption: Under the White Flag

Harrington, Peter. “Images of the Great War.” American History, December 1996: 35.
caption: Figure 9-Under the white flag, F. E. Schoonover.

Harrington, Peter. “The Great War Paintings of Frank E. Schoonover.” Military Heritage, August 1999: 69.
caption: Under the White Flag captures the moment when German envoys seek terms from the Allies.

Inscription: ll: Frank E. Schoonover / ’18
Exhibitions: 1919 WSFA; 1927 Oshkosh; 1934 Wesleyan; 2002 HSD
Comments: index; edit
Commentary: Schoonover describes this painting: “Preceded by a Trumpeter and carrying white flags, the German plenipotentiaries who were to receive the armistice terms from Marshal Foch, presented themselves to the French outposts near La Capelle at ten o’clock on the night of November 7th, 1918. Shown in the picture is an officer of the French army examining their credentials. Such was the beginning of the end of the world’s great war.” (day books)
For further commentary, see #886.
Provenance: Sold by the artist to the Delaware National Guard (March 9, 1959)