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Date: 02/07/1921
Size: 36″H x 29″W
Medium: oil_single-prime-lincanvas
Type: illustration
Published: Madison, Lucy Foster. Lafayette. Philadelphia: The Penn Publishing Company, 1921: cover.
no caption

Schoonover, Cortlandt. Frank Schoonover, Illustrator of the North American Frontier. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976: 133.
caption: Lafayette

Inscription: ll: F.E.S. / ’21
Exhibitions: 1943 Warner (title unverified); 1962 Bank of Delaware; 1977 FES; 2001 FES
Comments: TP 8/28/01; form 2/4/03; index; edit 11/06
Two sketches exist for this painting. See #1005sa and #1005sb.
Commentary: Several sketches for this subject, found in the archives of the Delaware Art Museum, indicate that Schoonover used Charles Wilson Peale’s portrait of Lafayette, done from life in 1780, as a reference for this work. The sketches are covered with notes pertaining to the accuracy of the final illustration, detailing everything from the appropriate number of buttons on his coat, to what color horse Lafayette rode. (archives)
Provenance: Artist; The Gift Horse, West Chester, Pennsylvania [1965]; Harry Lynch, Wilmington, Delaware (April 22, 1965); Lynch Family Collection [2006]