There Were Forty or Fifty Black Foxes Lived With Me in the Cave And I Had Them All Named
FES Title: There were forty or fifty black fox lived with me in the cave and I had them all named.
Alternate Titles: Hermit in Cave 1936; Animals Feeding Man in Cave 1961; The Black Fox Den 2001; The Caveman Who Made Friends of the Animals
Date: 04/22/1921
Size: 30″H x 40″W
Medium: oil_single-prime-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Hendryx, James B. “The Voice from the Hill.” The American Boy, August 1921: 19.
caption: ‘I Fed ‘Em, an’ After a While They Was So Tame I Could Handle ‘Em.’

“Sketch Book…featuring the work of outstanding Delaware artists.” Dateline Delaware, September-October, 1960: 28.
caption: A painting inspired by a newspaper account of a trapped miner who made friends with ferocious wolves. They brought food to him through a small opening.

Schoonover, Cortlandt. Frank Schoonover, Illustrator of the North American Frontier. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976: 95.
caption: The Black Fox Den

Inscription: lr: F.E. Schoonover / ’21
Exhibitions: 1936 William Penn; 1961 Warehouse; 2001 FES

Comments: TP 8/28/01; form 2/8/03; index; edit 11/06;
relined and restored 1/01;
Commentary: This image was painted over #627. (day books)
Provenance: Warehouse Gallery, Arden, Delaware
[(1961]; private collection