Hunters Leaving Camp
FES Title: Hunters Leaving Camp
Alternate Titles: Warrior’s Quest
Date: 09/1921
Size: 27.25″H x 38.25″W
Medium: oil_single-prime-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Schultz, James Willard. “Seizer of Eagles.” The American Boy, December 1921: 17.
caption: Our Party Gathered in Front of Heavy Runner’s Lodge, and Back of Us Stood a Great Crowd of Women and Children to See us Depart

Schultz, James Willard. Seizer of Eagles. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Company, 1922: 150.
caption: Our large party gathered in front of Heavy Runner’s Lodge

Schoonover, Frank E. The Edge of the Wilderness, edited by Cortlandt Schoonover. Toronto: Methuen, 1974: 142.
caption: Warrior’s Quest

Schoonover, Cortlandt. Frank Schoonover, Illustrator of the North American Frontier. New York: Watson-Guptill Publications, 1976: 75.
caption: Mackenzie and Indian Boy

Inscription: lr: F.E. Schoonover / ’21
Annotations: en verso now covered: Hunters leaving / For serial “Seizer of Eagles” Schultz / Hunters leaving camp ; no.1068 / 27×38 / on canvas 731 / Remounted 1955
Exhibitions: 2000 Glenbow
Comments: Glenbow #60.55.2; seen & image 8/03; index; form 8/21/03; edit 11/06; TP – Glenbow 8/07
Commentary: This image was painted over #731 “Not in the Script.” (day books)
Provenance: Artist; Helen Card, Latendorf Bookshop, New York; Collection of Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (July 7, 1960)