Conch Running Out of the Door
FES Title: Conch running out of door
Alternate Titles:
Date: 12/24/1921
Size: 30″H x 22″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Terhune, Albert Payson. “Black Caesar’s Clan.” Country Gentleman, 28 January 1922: 15.
caption: He Made One Wildly Scrambling Dive, Volleying Over the Threshold With the Speed of an Express Train.
Inscription: ll: Schoonover / ’21
Annotations: en verso on top stretcher: -1091 – 1091 – Dec ’21
en verso typed label: Illustration for Black Caesar’s Clan / from part 8 Galley 6 // He got no further. The sight of the open door was too much fir
[sic] his stolidity
This drawing to be / returned to / F. E. Schoonover. 1616 Rodney St, / Wil. Del.
Comments: trany project 5/31/02; index; edit 11/06
Commentary: Despite the fact that the annotations on this painting indicate that it is #1091, it more closely matches Schoonover’s day book description for #1092.
Provenance: Private collection