“Is That How You Kids Bet on Fishin’?” Aard Yelled
FES Title: Vignette of Ard
[sic] Father of Beryl / “Is that how you kids bet on fishin’ — Aard yelled.
Alternate Titles: ‘Big Ard’ [sic]
Date: 11/07/1929
Size: 15″H x 14″W
Medium: oil-on-Linen-canvas
Type: illustration
Published: Grey, Zane. “The Rustlers of Silver River.” Country Gentleman, March 1930: 33.
caption: ‘Is that how you kids bet on fishin’?’ Aard yelled.
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover
mr: 29 S.
Annotations: en verso: in black paint on canvas 1741
en verso on typed label middle of stretcher: Part IV Zane Grey Serial 10/19 1741 Chapter 15 Galley / ‘Is that how you kids bet on fishin’?’ he yelled / Ard’s big voice deep with mirth, rolled down the river, / to [__] against the cliffs and [ three words?] bank
en verso on typed label on stretcher on right side:
Big Ard River Fisherman / for Zane Grey Berlel/Curtis Pub Co. / Frank E Schoonover
Comments: 4×5 transparency sent by current owner; form 3-07; index; edit
Provenance: Private collection