The Two Canoes
FES Title: The Two Canoes
Alternate Titles:
Date: 11/27/1929
Size: 24.25″H x 41.25″W
Medium: oil-on-English-Linen-canvas
Type: subject painting
Inscription: lr: F E Schoonover / 1929
Annotations: en verso on stretcher: #1742
Exhibitions: 1929 WSFA; 1931 FES; 1934 Wesleyan; 1963 Music School; 1967 Gift Horse
Comments: Glenbow #R337.1; seen & image 8/03; Form 8/21/03; index; edit
Provenance: Artist; The Gift Horse, West Chester, Pennsylvania
[1967]; The Collectors Gallery; The Devonian Foundation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada (September 20, 1968); Collection of Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Alberta, Canada [1979]