Burgundian Lord Washing Hands
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[pages missing from day books; from correspondence]: Kneeling boy holding basin of water-Burgundian Lord Washing hands
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Date: 12/1934
Size: 0″H x 0″W
Medium: pen-ink-wash-on-paperBR
Type: illustration
Published: Fortune, 1935: 10.
caption: The feasts of a thousand years and more have been touched with splendor…as they are today…by the special magic of the wines of Burgundy. Sumptuous, generous, a really great Burgundy is undisputed King of all the grapes that grow. For the sun, air, soil of those high tilted hillsides of the Cote d’Or work a miracle unduplicated elsewhere on this globe.
Inscription: lr: Schoonover ’34
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Schoonover’s sketch for this advertisement is #2070s.
Commentary: For commentary, see #2065.
Provenance: Not known