Harmony Mural Sketch
FES Title:
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Alternate Titles:
Date: 1935
Size: 12.5″H x 28″W
Medium: graphite-on-Strathmore
Type: mural – sketch
Inscription: [unsigned]
Annotations: recto notes written by the artist in the margins:
ul: [ ] 1650 A.D. – Oh happy land of pilgrims (5361) / [ ] of children = Oh let the children come to me / [ ]
um: Vagner / Pilgrim’s Chorus / Tanhauser
ur: Mural 6 feet x 17 1/2 feet / Bach / Ava Maria
mr: Dance of the fai[?] lr: Decorative color forms in flowing garments of girl become real flowers
lm: “Harmony” / Organ pipes / open Diapasm / fullness and richness of tone!
ll: [sketch of a piano] (1 foot)
Comments: Digital 8/2005; index; edit
Commentary: This is thought to be an early sketch for the painting, #2073, commissioned by Charles M. A. Stine in 1935. The subject matter in the finished mural was quite different as can be seen in the image for #2073.
Provenance: Private collection