A Wench With the Poppinjay
FES Title: A wench with the popinjay. In the magazine. And they swear they’ll fire the popinjay. Vignette
Alternate Titles:
Date: 07/30/1937
Size: 12″H x 36″W
Medium: oil-on-Best
Type: illustration
Published: Jenkins, Will F. “The Barque Flitmore.” Country Gentleman, October 1937: 16.
caption: ‘A wench wi’ the popinjay! In the magazine! An’ they swear they’ll fire the powder’
Inscription: lr: S / 1937
Annotations: en verso on label on stretcher – left: Illustration for “The Barque Flitmore” 2183 B 1937 / This original- now presented to Elizabeth Louise Schoonover / was made for the Country Gentleman and illustrated a story / called the Barque Flitmore The canvas is 12×36 and is / numbered 2183 Biz posed for the young lady. The / picture (painted as a vignette) was drawn in Bushkill. July 1937. / Given this first of May 1940 / by —-. / Frank E. Schoonover
[signature] / from Galley 6 / 2 cap.-n / a wench wi’ the Peppinjay in the magazine and they swear they’ll fire the poppinjay
en verso: Y8049 / The Barque Flitmore / October ’37 / pd 7/24/27
Comments: traney project (FL) 6/13/05; index;
Provenance: Given by artist to Elizabeth Schoonover Cobb; Museum of Fine Arts, St. Petersburg, Florida. Gift of Elizabeth Schoonover Cobb [1993]
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