Corn Shocks on Will Eshbach’s Farm
FES Title: Corn Shocks – Will Eshbach Farm
Alternate Titles: Will Eshbach’s Farm
[1941]; Corn Shalks (1961, 2000); Bushkill, Pa Cornfield Across Del. Valley [1965]; Will Eshthach’s Corn [1967]; Eshbach’s Farm [1968]; Corn Shalks (Will Eshbach’s farm)
Date: 09/29/1937
Size: 28″H x 32″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: landscape
Inscription: lr: Frank E. Schoonover / 9-37
Exhibitions: 1941 WSFA Fall; 1961 Warehouse; 1965 Gift Horse; 1967 Gift Horse; 1968 Clubhouse; 2000 Biggs
Comments: TP 10/25/01; form 1/28/03; slide; Non-trany 4×5; index;; Baker Collectors Gallery, Lubbock, Texas;
Commentary: Will Eshbach was a farmer who lived near the Schoonover’s summer home in Bushkill, Pennsylvania. According to his diary, the morning after Schoonover bought his place, he headed for the Eshbach’s farm for gardening advice. Will’s son, Russ, (later a prominent Pennsylvania politician) became one of Schoonover’s favorite models.
Provenance: Sold by artist to private collection; descended in family to private collection
Current Owner: