Portrait of Charles Thomson
FES Title: Maker Copy of Portrait- Chas Thompson–
Alternate Titles: Charles Thomson (1985, 2007)
Date: 02/03/1940
Size: 25.5″H x 20″W
Medium: oil-on-canvas
Type: portrait
Published: University of Delaware and John M. Clayton. A Catalog of the Permanent Collection, University of Delaware. Newark: The University of Delaware, 1985: 81
[not pictured].

Inscription: [none visible as matted]
Annotations: label on frame: Charles Thomson / Secretary of Continental Congress / 1774-1889 [1779] / Secretary of Board of Trustees / 1769-1783
en verso label: CW Peale’s portrait of / Chas. Thomson 20″x25″ / National Museum Collection Independence Hall / copiest Frank E Schoonover / Date approved Feb 1 1940 / Signed HT Carpenter Curator Independence Hall
Exhibitions: 1985 UD; 2007 UD
Comments: oval matt; NT – UofD 2/01; form 2/9/04; index
Commentary: Research for this portrait was completed by the artist in early 1940 at Independance Hall in Philadelphia where he worked in the west wing throughout January and into early February, finishing on February 3rd.
Provenance: Commissioned by the Permanent Collection of the University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware. Gift of Mr. and Mrs. H. Rodney Sharp (1940)
Current Owner: