Saint Matthew and Saint Mark of The Four Evangelists – Sketch
FES Title: Designes
[sic] for windows Immanuel Church. Matthew – Mark – Luke – John
Alternate Titles:
Date: 07/1942
Size: 17.5″H x 10″W
Medium: graphite-on-board
Type: cartoon
Inscription: [unsigned]
Annotations: en verso lm: St Matthew 2 of 4 windows / St Mark on Evangelists / Located in nave of church
Comments: index – image from lantern slide, Digital from JRS
Commentary: Schoonover’s day books show that he completed 10 sketches and cartoons for two pairs of windows depicting the four evangelists. The first four listings in the day book #’s 2310, 2311, 2312, and 2313 each have a name listed underneath them; Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John respectively. However, it is unclear whether Schoonover meant for each of these numbers to correlate with a specific cartoon or sketch. The last six entries, #’s 2314-2319 are simply grouped together with the description “Color drawing and small Cartoons.” Six sketches have been found: Three for the window with Matthew and Mark, and three showing Luke and John. In the interest of clarity they have been grouped and given numbers based on subject, and probable chronology. Sketches for Matthew and Mark will be found in #’s 2310, 2311, and 2312 – Luke and John under #’s 2313, 2314, and 2315.
See #2310W for stained glass window and more commentary.
Provenance: Frank E. Schoonover Collection, Helen Farr Sloan Library, Delaware Art Museum, Wilmington, Delaware