The Annunciation -Sketch I
FES Title: Cartoon for
[ ] Window
Alternate Titles: Annunciation Window Immanuel Church [1961]
Date: 07/25/1948
Size: 35″H x 17″W
Medium: graphite-charcoal-colorchal
Type: cartoon
Inscription: recto – stamp on lower left: FRANK E. SCHOONOVER / 1616 RODNEY STREET / WILMINGTON 35, DELAWARE
Annotations: en verso: 24″ x 94 1/2″ Daylight- Size
Exhibitions: 1961 Warehouse
Comments: index;
Commentary: This is one of several sketches and cartoons that Schoonover created for this stained glass window depicting the Annunciation. He gave them the numbers 2422 through 2426. It is difficult to know how they were numbered individually, and it is probable that not all of them have been found. The known cartoons are shown here and with #2423, and #2424. See #2422W for more commentary and the completed stained glass window.
Provenance: Private collection
Current Owner: