The Annunciation – Sketch
FES Title: Cartoon for –
[ ] Window
Alternate Titles:
Date: 07/1948
Size: 8″H x 6.25″W
Medium: watercolor-graphonBRpaper
Type: cartoon
Inscription: lr stamped: F.E.S
Comments: 10/07 photoshoot [verso not accessible]
Commentary: In a letter from the owner of The D’Ascenzo Studios, Schoonover received the following: “I have gone over your design for the Annunciation Window. I believe you have captured a new spirit in connection with this incident in the life fo the Virgin Mary, which considering the almost countless conceptions of this, is indeed a most noteworthy achievement. Please accept my sincere and hearty congratulations.
There are a few details which should however be discussed. The traditional color of Mary’s robe is blue and this is also mandatory…”
The artist did not agree and Mary’s robe, in both the sketch and the window, is red.

See #2422 amd #2422W for commentary and the completed window.

Provenance: Collection of Mr. and Mrs. Ronald C. Bauman