Fire Escape
FES Title: Fire Escape –
Alternate Titles: “Lunchtime” 1980; Women in the Silk Mills
[1998, 2001]
Date: 02/03/1910
Size: 33″H x 22″W
Medium: charc-gou-wat-board
Type: illustration
Published: Sanville, Florence Lucas. “A Woman in the Pennsylvania Silk-Mills: The Conservation of Our Young Womanhood.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, April 1910: 656.
caption: An out-of-door Luncheon in Summer-time

Brown, Richard C. “The Lady Muckrakers.” American History Illustrated, November 1973: 34.
caption: An out-of-door Luncheon in Summer-time

Kouwenhoven, John A., assembler. “America on the Move: How it Looked to the Authors and Illustrators of Harper’s.” Harper’s Magazine: Centennial Issue 1850-1950, October 1950: 142.
no caption

Inscription: lm: F.E. Schoonover
Exhibitions: 1977 FES; 1980 Lancaster; 1984 Friends (title unverified); 1998 Biggs; 2001 FES
Comments: index; trany 8/28/01; edit
Commentary: See related photograph by Schoonover of the Silk Mills in Scranton, Pennsylvania. [#401p]
Provenance: Sold by artist to Robert Horvath, St. Michaels, Maryland (March 14, 1970); private collection