Group of Girls Under Arch Light
FES Title: Group of Girls under arch light
Alternate Titles: A Bit of Gossip
Date: 01/29/1910
Size: 16″H x 7″W
Medium: char-water-board
Type: illustration
Published: Sanville, Florence Lucas. “A Woman in the Pennsylvania Silk-Mills: The Conservation of Our Young Womanhood.” Harper’s Monthly Magazine, April, 1910: 658.
caption: A Bit of Gossip among the Night-workers
Inscription: lr: S / Frank E. Schoonover
Comments: slide; scan 5-14-03, index; edit
Commentary: In a letter to Schoonover dated January 12, 1968, George W. Walker explains that on November 19, 1967, he purchased this painting entitled “A Bit of Gossip” at the studio. He tells the artist that “while you had originally signed it with an ‘S’, you signed your full name at the sale.”
He goes on to say that “the picture has given both Mrs. Walker and myself a great deal of pleasure, and each time I see it, I am reminded of the talks you gave our Camera Club on composition just before World War II.” (archives)
For further commentary, see #397.
Provenance: Sold by the artist to Mr. and Mrs. George W. Walker (November 19, 1967); Walker Estate
[1990]; not known
Current Owner: